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Idle capital, assets you own that you didn’t know were revenue centers until the sharing economy took hold. Here are 5 idle capital assets you own that could be making you money! Don’t let them idle away, your financial advisor should be telling you this! Capital assets you have Extra Bedroom This can be in

5 ways to Boost your Local Economy

Collaborative consumption has a direct correlation to your local economy, the sharing economy. Though technology has increased access and reduced geographic limitations, collaborative consumption at it’s very core is directly tied to supporting your immediate local economy….everything from food, clothing, services, moving, car sharing, couch surfing, among other things. Here are five simple ways to
The Sharing economy provides opportunities across all parties involved in each exchange. However, exercising common sense beyond cost, convenience, and accessibility is equally important. This goes both ways between consumers and service providers, hence the Sharing Economy is a shared responsibility based on mutual desired outcomes. Cultural immersion, personal service, collaboratively contributing tangibly to your

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