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Exercising Caution within the Collaborative Consumption Ecosystem

The Sharing economy provides opportunities across all parties involved in each exchange. However, exercising common sense beyond cost, convenience, and accessibility is equally important. This goes both ways between consumers and service providers, hence the Sharing Economy is a shared responsibility based on mutual desired outcomes.

Cultural immersion, personal service, collaboratively contributing tangibly to your local economy, and cost savings should be evenly balanced. This is what brings the Sharing Economy full circle. At Phlatbed, user engagement is at the core of our culture. We believe an informed and engaged user base is key to longevity and sustainability of our core platform. Additionally, our evolving platform has a direct correlation to our engagement efforts.

The Collaborative Economy is the new economy, no politician or pundit no matter how big a microphone he or she has can say otherwise. However, the human factor dictates that as with any other good or service we consume, we should always exercise caution when it comes to collaborative consumption. It is only as usable, or unusable as we chose to make it.


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