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The only last mile delivery platform for large items.
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Phlatbed is a large item last mile delivery platform that helps you deliver on-time and build customer loyalty!

Stores and retail locations have become micro warehouses and fulfillment centers, Phlatbed is the only large item focused last mile delivery platform with a network of over 30,000 drivers nationwide. If there's an address, we will get it there.

With precise location tracking, communication and real time analytics processing on all your assets, and providing your management with live road updates, we do it on our end-to-end platform.

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Note: For State regulatory purposes, please be advised that Phlatbed is not a broker.

Drive less, Earn more!!

What is Phlatbed?

Last mile delivery for large items at retailers, warehouses, hubs, and microwarehouses.


Alani Kuye - CEO

Alani has a passion for changing consumer logistics for the better. After 18 years in the Enterprise Technology space deploying global ERP systems in the oil and gas, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, defense & intelligence sectors, He oversees Phlatbed's operations, from cutting edge mobility innovation, to platform evolution and the company's entire roadmap. He is also Chief Platform Officer. With a personal and professional life spanning Connecticut, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and other parts of the world, he continues to find enablement through technology advocacy at every opportunity. He holds degrees in Information Systems, and National Security & Public Safety. He loves Motorcycles, and he collects vintage cameras.

Pauline Murphy

Pauline has led CI’s investments in Bioarray Genetics, Environmental Energy Services, Aventri (formerly eTouches), Premise Corporation (acquired by Eclipsys Corporation), Cadenza Innovation, Fitscript, LambdaVision and Summit Street Medical. She serves on the boards of Environmental Energy Services, Bioarray Genetics, Fitscript, LambdaVision and Summit Street Medical. She also managed CI’s investment in CGI (acquired by Gilead) and CiDRA Corporation, which successfully sold its oil and gas business segment. Pauline is also responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of CI Venture’s operations, including planning and analysis, compliance, reporting and training. Pauline was a senior financial professional with an early-stage software development company and launched her career at Ernst & Young, LLP.

Oni Chukwu

Mr. Chukwu serves as Executive Chairman of Aventri, the leader in cloud-based events management software. He is also a member of the company’s Board of Directors. He previously served as chief financial officer of Triple Point Technology, a firm that specializes in solutions for commodity trading, risk management and logistics. Through the AfricaPlan Foundation, his family foundation, Mr. Chukwu actively supports underprivileged youth and women’s issues globally in the areas of education, healthcare and leadership development. The organization also provides financial support to budding entrepreneurs. He joined the University of New Haven’s Board of Governors in 2007. He also is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Technology Council.

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