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Prepare your Household Appliances for Shipping in six easy steps Sold a large household item and need to prepare it for shipment? We always procrastinate shipping large household items. The main reason is how to prepare those items for pickup. Make sure your items such as furniture, stoves, washing machines or refrigerators are packed and

Why I never use U-Haul

A Phlatbed customer, Lisa, explains why she doesn’t subscribe to U-Hauls deceptive pricing and inconsistencies. She uses Phlatbed and it’s network of drivers, right from her phone.

Why I don’t use Dolly

Phlatbed customer explains why she does not use Dolly or the moving company, can you blame her? Moving company horror stories are too common. Phlatbed as the alternative.
We all dread the issue of moving an item across town. Whether it’s the item on sale at the store, or from  tag sale, or the item you bought on the Facebook Marketplace. In some cases you miss out on a good deal simply because you had no way to get the item home. Everyone
While in Amsterdam a while ago I spent some time with Pieter Van De Glind – Dutch Global Curator for Collaborative Consumption at ShareNL. We got to discussing the Sharing economy, global acceptance, trends, scalability, permanence, and the fundamentals upon which it’s success is built upon. Collaborative consumption, also known as the Sharing Economy is indeed the new economy. No 24
THIS IS FROM AN OLD POST. 500,000 bookings per night on Airbnb, we spend most holiday seasons into the New Year in Amsterdam. Of course, we tend to use airbnb as one of those bookings. Fascinating direction the world is taking thanks to technology, and a vision that the world can indeed benefit from a democratization
If you’ve ever been to IKEA then you have experienced the best in showroom furniture assembly display. However, the way it looks on the shelves and how it looks in your living room are two very different things, especially how you get it to it’s final destination after shelling out money! Here are a few points to
First it comes in a million pieces! Departing from the staged prototypes you see in the catalog or while walking through the store. Then deciding which combinations, measurements, color, and layout suit you. Welcome to IKEA! You grapple with lugging it on the cart across the strategically laid out store designed to ensure you walk
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