New Developments

After various load testing we decided to increase performance and security due to initial results. We looked at a few providers and after exhaustive searching we had a few basic criteria in mind. First we needed affordability since this is a startup and everything is bootstrapped. Secondly we needed reliability, scalability and no bait and switch. Thirdly we needed flexibility and simplicity. Among other things, those core criteria points led us to Cloudflare. Initially I was skeptical but after doing some research across the web (Reddit, stackoverflow, contacts across industry) we decided what the hell lets go with Cloudflare. We chose the free version.


Easy setup but it’s been quite frustrating being in the pending status for two days. I reached out to Cloudflare support and zero response. Perhaps it’s because we’re not a paying customer…yet. Welcome to American capitalism.

So far it seems alright, we’re learning new things about their environment though it appears they will be a great fir for us….pending current issues and their responsiveness.

More to come, but it’s great not to get a phone call that goes like this;

Hi there! I’m calling from “ABC Major Company” and we’ll like to sell you a 6 month trial of our enterprise cloud security system. After which you’ll be paying a million dollars just to keep using our system.

…to which we’ll respond:

No thank you!