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Defining Success in an age of materialism

Alani/ October 27, 2015/ New Developments, New Economy, peer to peer moving, pHlatbed News, Sharing Economy, Social Responsibility/ 0 comments

Witnessing mega valuations (Uber, Lyft, Evernote etc) often makes one wonder if the purpose of launching a startup is a hefty exit. While we celebrate the tenacity and persistence of fellow founders who have built immensely successful companies, we should be careful to stay true to the purpose upon which we set out to change the world. I ask the

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We added SumoMe today….easy, intuitive, and very UI friendly

Alani/ October 26, 2015/ New Developments, pHlatbed News, Product News, Sharing Economy/ 0 comments

We added SumoMe today and it went seamlessly. Some stats were being returned almost instantly which was nice. I’m sure some of you read the debacle that was CloudFlare but we’ve since moved on to other things. Post launch we looked as simple ways to optimize performance, increase access, simple yet insightful analytics, and more importantly easy of use /

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Why transporting IKEA furniture is a *ITCH!

Alani/ October 23, 2015/ Moving Tips/ 0 comments

First it comes in a million pieces! Departing from the staged prototypes you see in the catalog or while walking through the store. Then deciding which combinations, measurements, color, and layout suit you. You grapple with lugging it on the cart across the strategically laid out store designed to ensure you walk through it’s entirety hoping you succumb to buying

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We left Cloudflare today…….justifiably so!

Alani/ October 18, 2015/ New Developments/ 0 comments

I had an earlier post about our decision to move to Cloudflare. I have to report that the decision was simply not a good one! Initially, we were sold on the promised performance, edge capabilities, security (think https, SSL etc) and more importantly the scalability. It took about a week of tweak after tweak, dropping SSL certs all over the

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We moved to Cloudflare today! The jury is still out.

Alani/ October 15, 2015/ pHlatbed News/ 0 comments

After various load testing we decided to increase performance and security due to initial results. We looked at a few providers and after exhaustive searching we had a few basic criteria in mind. First we needed affordability since this is a startup and everything is bootstrapped. Secondly we needed reliability, scalability and no bait and switch. Thirdly we needed flexibility

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