What Wikipedia won’t tell you about moving IKEA furniture

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If you’ve ever been to IKEA then you have experienced the best in showroom furniture assembly display. However, the way it looks on the shelves and how it looks in your living room are two very different things, especially how you get it to it’s final destination after shelling out money! Here are a few points to note about moving IKEA furniture that you won’t find on Wikipedia;


  1. You will almost always buy more than you planned for at IKEA: This is a given! A simple table often includes a lamp, and in many cases a matching chair, and if you’re adventurous there’s often a billy book case in there somewhere.
  2. It will almost always never fit in your vehicle: Go to any IKEA and you’ll never find parking in front. It’s exclusively reserved for the poor souls trying a million and one ways to fit their brand spanking new purchases into their VW Jettas! It’s not unusual to hear people on the phone calling friends and family wondering if they could meet them at IKEA. Why not just use phlatbed for that?!
  3. It comes in a million pieces! Yes it looks great assembled but believe me it takes hours to see the finished product! Assuming you followed the sometimes clear instructions.
  4. Never ever disassemble IKEA furniture! Remember humpty dumpty? IKEA furniture is an “assemble once” deal! Not built to last or survive a mobile existence. It just never comes back together the same.
  5. It’s not cheap! IKEA furniture is not cheap, contrary to popular opinion. So budget your moving costs accordingly because IKEA furniture will always cost you more once you start loading those flat panels.


Happy holidays!

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  1. IKEA has and will always be a production, regardless of what you buy there. Firstly good luck making it out easily.
    On the other hand it can be a fun walk through on a Sunday.

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